Team Trail Hunter Igor Gal - Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Loop 2021 Report

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Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Loop 2021

5,200m elevation, 189km, 4 trails. 1 Hong Kong.
Team Trail Hunter - Igor Gal
Planning and preparation was crucial, especially the transport schedule for the MTR and the ferries between, it all came down to an orientation challenge!
The new cut off time was 29 hours.
Sunny Saturday at 13:30 super relax and focused on treating it as a usual long run.
The first section of 46 km and 1,932 meters of elevation passed nice, calm, and according to the plan and without any stress.
Keeping on my nutrition plan, Energy Nut Butters provided by the guys at Roam Energy, and Bix Recovery from good friend’s Bix Hydration, things went smoothly.
The second section was Hong Kong Island, 32.5km and 1,226 meters of elevation. I started this section at 22:00 and had 5 hours to catch the ferry to Lantau Island that departures at 03:00. Game on!
At this part I deviate from the route three or four times and lost about 15 minutes but kept my focus on avoided losing energy.
One of the worst things what can happen is panicking, and that was happened when I realised there was about 11km and the ferry departed in 90min!
If I missed that ferry all challenge is gone, but I had a good friend called Davide waiting at the Peak to help lead me down to the ferry plus another friend called Paul waiting at pier 6 and cannot let them down!
I had to really speed up and trying to beat the time even I knew I will pay the price later. With all that drama I met Davide at the Peak and we ran down just before the ferry at 02:50.
The third section on Lantau 40km and 1,030 meters of elevation. My legs were sore and hard to move, and I had keep moving through villages without getting chased or bitted by wild dogs. All part of the fun!
With little water left and body all-in pain, my friend Paul kept talking all the time and trying to distract me away from the discomfort. We arrived at 10:00am at Tai O pier and we have 90min until the next ferry.
Onto the fourth section and final leg. The ferry arrived in Tuen Mun at 12:30 there was only 26km and 899 meters of elevation left.
At this point slow jogging was less painful than walking. Among that route many friends were cheering and helping so it was much easier.
After 27 hours and 27 minutes I arrived at the same place I started the day before, covering 188k kilometers and 5,631 meters of elevation.
The overwhelming positive messages and support from the last few weeks have given me so much mental strength that at no point did I think to give up.
I would dedicate all this to my fellow citizens of Osijek, people who really need help and my grandfather who passed away a few days ago.
I would like to thank all the friends not only in HK and Croatia but all over the world who donated and shared our action.
To people all over Croatia who ran / walked 10 kilometers and helped this action you can still join and run or walk 10 kilometers because this action lasts until February 13, 2021.

Also I need to mention

Roam Hong Kong
ALTRA Hong Kong
One Strike Combat
for their great nutrition, hydration, photos and gears.

My apologies if I forgot someone but definitely I couldn't do this without you!

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