BIX RECOVERY Mixed Berry - Single Tube (10 Tablets)

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The refreshing BIX RECOVERY effervescent tablet can be taken pre and post exercise to improve recovery times or during your day to help maintain energy levels and general well-being. 

BIX RECOVERY is formulated for optimal recovery after a workout. It is a daily recovery supplement designed to boost the recovery process with its 12 vitamins and minerals.

It has zero sugar and contains only natural colours and flavours.

Each Tablet Contains:
Vitamin C - 200 mg
Magnesium - 150 mg
Zinc - 10 mg
BCAA's - 100 mg
Q10 - 3 mg
Vitamin E - 10 mg
Bromelain - 100 mg
Calcium - 50 mg
Iron - 2.5 mg
Potassium - 50 mg
Sodium - 150 mg

B12 - 3mcg

BIX RECOVERY reduces muscle cramps, tension & stiffness and improves energy levels, muscle endurance and cardiovascular health.

Made in Germany.

10 tablets in each tube.