Sport2People™ Body Bands

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Sport2People Body Bands are stretchy resistance bands that cannot break, roll up or snap. Ever. Bands offer you much more resistance than traditional bands and can be used for upper and lower body workouts.

3 bands of same size (32 cm long and 5.5 cm wide), different blend of cotton and latex. No more size problems!


A result of multi-year research and development. Due to specific manufacturing method of the bands these bands have an implemented non-slip inner layer that’s why they cannot roll up, snap, slip or even break.

Our bands can be stretched up to 3 times their normal length without tearing.


3 different resistance levels, all printed on the front of each band for easy recognition. For women and men who want to get in shape, get stronger etc. Ideal for fitness, yoga, cardio, pilates, physiotherapy. Squats, hip thrusts, fire hydrant, kickbacks, biceps curl, kneeling crunch.

Burn fat, shape your body and gain confidence! Recommended by personal trainers and physiotherapists.


Made of high quality mixture of sustainable & stretchy cotton and improved latex yarn. Skin friendly. Natural material odor. No unpleasant pulling on the skin due to textile surface. Laboratory tested and approved for quality and durability. Comfortable feeling on skin. The bands are made of natural fiber processed with a fabric.

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