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Hoka One One is an athletic shoe company originating in France that designs and markets running shoes. The brand first gained attention in the running industry by producing shoes with oversized outsoles, dubbed "maximalist" shoes due to extra cushion; this was in contrast to the minimalist shoe trend that was gaining popularity at the time of the company's founding in 2009.
Hoka produces both low-profile and max-cushion shoes for road, trail, and all-terrain; throughout its product line, Hoka shoes retain features like a low weight-to-cushion ratio and midsole and outsole geometry designed to promote inherent stability and an efficient stride.


Topo lives at the intersection of natural and practical: where instinctive human movement meets modern comfort and performance. We are “athlete-inclusive”, which means that our shoes will work for you whether you are running ultramarathons, hiking the PCT, or out walking with friends.
Our tribe is diverse: we are committed natural runners, ultramarathoners, obstacle course racers, fitness buffs, and triathletes.  Some of us are just into living a healthy lifestyle and want a comfortable pair of shoes that are lightweight and don't constrict our toes. The common bond is that most of these people, people like you, have discovered Topo and aren’t looking back.


Ever since it was launched in 1982, OVERSTIM.s went from selling locally from the home garage to national distribution at over 1,200 points of sale, and later international distribution with a presence at over 15 countries.
OVERSTIM.s' success only fed our passion for making athletes aware that their limits often go much further than they think with a suitable, healthy and effective sports nutrition.
Today, Frédérique, Daniel's daughter, has been running the family business since 1999 - but sometimes Daniel still works with the R&D team to create the latest OVERSTIM.s recipes.
Increasingly healthy, natural and effective, the OVERSTIM.s range grows every day with a selection of products in Organic, Vegan and Gluten-free versions.


Since 1999 RaidLight has served the trail running community with the best products to enhance your ability to connect with each other, nature, and to share the trail running experience. Born in the French Alps we continue to blaze new trails through innovation and community building. Helping you find your limits on and off the trail is what drives us to create award winning products.
You are not just a runner, you are a trail runner and demand more from your gear in the toughest environments on the planet. Born in the garage of trail & ultra runner Benoît Laval, RaidLight was founded to support you as a trail runner.


Garmin was founded in 1989, and is currently incorporated in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, with headquarters located in the United States. Garmin first set foot in the aviation industry with its cutting-edge GPS navigation products almost three decades ago. Since then, Garmin's product lines have expanded to fully cover the aviation, marine, and automotive industries. Today, Garmin is the renowned leader in the aviation, marine, automotive, outdoor, and fitness markets. Built on a healthy product ecosystem, and combining awe-inspiring designs, impeccable quality, and superior reliability into excellent user experiences, Garmin strives to become the number one brand for all who enjoy their lives.


Another young upstart in the world of running shoes, Altra was founded by two high school running buddies, Golden Harper and Brian Beckstead, with the goal of making shoes built for the way people naturally run.
After testing prototypes in grueling races like the Wasatch 100, Harper and Beckstead released the Instinct (men’s) and Intuition (women’s), the first Altra shoes, in 2011. These kicks, like all the models that followed, showcased the company’s three core technologies: FootShape, ZeroDrop, and Fit4Her.
Unbox a pair of Altras and you’ll see that the forefoot is wider than other shoes—a result of FootShape, which is an enlarged toe box that allows the foot to expand and gives the toes more space. ZeroDrop refers to the shoe's heel-to-toe drop, or the difference in height from the heel to the forefoot. Different from most other brands, Altra shoes have little or no drop, meaning your foot lays flat rather than sloping downward from heel to toe. Finally, there’s Fit4Her, in which Altra’s women’s shoes are tailored to match the biomechanics of female feet. This means they’re narrower through the heel and midfoot and can fit women’s longer arches, for example.


T8 started out as two blokes with a running problem. Many big name sports brands hail from Europe or the United States and make decent running gear for cool, dry conditions. For them in tropical Hong Kong, however, not so great.
For six months a year, it averages 30C and 85% humidity here, so sweat just doesn't have that evaporative cooling effect. They need running gear that is crazy lightweight for minimal heat insulation, extra wicking and quick drying, plus super breathable for maximum air flow.
That's their goal at T8: ultralight, supercool, chafe-free. Human ingenuity to help you beat the toughest conditions #mindovermountain. Here in Hong Kong, this means Category 8 Typhoons, but T8 gear is also great for everyday casual wear.
Uglow is a French brand that develops authentic sports products since 2011. All of our expertise aims to bring a new sense of comfort and practicality to our customers. Our high-quality fabrics and state of the art assembly methods, allow for spectacular flexibility and durability. We have succeeded in channeling technologic-breakthroughs such as STITCH-FREE products using THERMO-bonding, ULTRASONIC bonding as well as Magnetic zipless pockets. ChaffingFREE, lightweight, and increased comfort are our core specialties and make-up the DNA of Uglow.
Magnetize™, rids users from the conventional zippers by providing them with a new level of agility and ergonomy. It allows faster and safer gestures to open or close pockets or collars when running.
We are proud to share that top athletes across the world currently wear Uglow. « MADE BY ATHLETES FOR ATHLETES »
Xero Shoes® are a modern spin on the traditional barefoot running sandal — durable, stylish and affordable — and so light and low-profile it’s like you’re not wearing anything. Yet, you get a strong layer of protection, your feet and legs work the way nature intended, your posture can naturally realign, and you awaken your senses and stimulate your brain as you Feel The World™.
Thanks to Chris McDougall’s inspiring and exciting best-selling book, Born to Run, and research from Harvard’s Daniel Lieberman, people all around the world are re-discovering the magic of barefoot running and natural movement.
Many people describe how barefoot running has improved their running, healed old injuries, strengthened their feet and legs, turned flat feet into feet with arches, and much more.
One big worry about barefoot running, not surprisingly, is all the stuff on the ground that can hurt and cut your feet, plus all the dirt you have to wash off when you’re finished running. And most stores and restaurants won’t let you in without shoes.
That’s why you’ll want a pair of Xero Shoes. If you can’t or don’t want to be totally barefoot, these are “better than barefoot”.