One Strike Combat is led by owner and Chief Instructor Vincent Cochlin.

Born in London, England, Vincent found his Martial Arts roots in traditional Goju Ryu Karate, reaching 3rd Dan/degree Black Belt, before moving to South East Asia where he studied Mauy Thai and Kickboxing. He has been actively involved in Martial Arts for over three decades. Vincent has a weather of knowledge and extensive experience in all aspects of Martial Arts, including, fitness training, technical applications, specific fitness and conditioning.

Trail Hunter members are eligible for special member rates for Mauy Thai, Kickboxing and Strength Trailing classes at One Strike Combat gym.


Golden Peak Movement Therapy

Led by Roy Bennett, a corrective movement specialist and manual therapist from London, England, Golden Peak Movement Therapy applies concepts, strategies and techniques which enable you to access and reactivate your natural inborn capability to turn down the 'volume' in overactive muscles.  

This ability allows you to generate more efficient whole body movement, eliminate pain and integrate the body into a single unified whole, one in which tensional integrity is not only present but completely functional in relation to everyday tasks, recreational activities and competitive sports at any level. 

The process of undoing any inefficient postural adaptations or dysfunctional movement patterns means we have to be sensitive to what the body is telling us - as opposed to adopting the latest fad exercises - and select the appropriate strategies to alleviate any existing pain or discomfort.

Movement dysfunction can manifest in many different ways but if we allow nature to do what it's designed for we can once again return to moving with relative ease and efficiency.  

Trail Hunter members are eligible for special member rates for Golden Peak Movement Therapy.