Little Cubs Youth Sports Club



$140 per trial session!

Little Cubs Youth Sports Club

Multi-Sport Program

3 to 5yrs

Come along to try our popular multi-sports kids sports club! 

Our youth club is fully insured and led by experienced coach Alastair Ward. Alastair is an accomplished runner and delighted to coach students towards developing good exercise habits and skill sets to perform multi-sports.

General lesson structure:

Warm up - 10mins warm up.

Emphasis on importance of warm up to develop good habits & prevent injury.

Action - 45mins individual practice & mini-group activity

Physical & creative development plus social development.

Calm down – 5mins calming down.

Recovery and calming down.


Sample Program

  • The program is split into three 8-week blocks, students start at Level 1 (Fundamentals), then Level 2 (Progress) and finally Level 3 (Achieve). Each level gradually developing their skills.
  • All students receive a custom Little Cubs t-shirt and shorts sports kit upon booking 8-week block! 
  • Each 8-week block comprises of 1 lesson (1hr lesson) a week, each lesson focuses on skills required in a variety of sports, football, tennis, athletics, and basketball.
  • The lessons overall aim is to develop skills in personal & social development, communication, physical development and creative development.
  • Each lesson contains 10-15 mins on several of the 3 to 4 core activities. At the 4-week lesson the students will do activities related directly to the four main sports.
  • At the end of each level, 8-week lesson, we hold an Awesome Day (mini-sports day) where students undertake activities in four sports to collect their Little Cub Badges. There are four badges to collect in each sport, football, basketball, tennis, and athletics, with a badge for each level. Four badges, three levels, 12 Little Cub Badges to collect!

 $250/Weekday or Weekend AM/PM Classes – Classes are booked in block of 8 lessons.

6 Students/Group

For more info, please contact

Alastair Ward 

WhatsApp: +852 9889 9505 Email: