Nutrition Guide

Overstim.s is a leading nutrition brand providing sports energy since 1982. They have drawn on years of experience in sports nutrition to provide tips and advice on fueling yourself before, during and after trial running! 

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Antioxidant Gel

When to take? Take one Antioxidant gel right before starting the event then regularly throughout the sporting activity.

What is it? Energy gel and source of Calcium and magnesium to limit cramps. It has Vitamins E and Zinc (antioxidant) & Vitamins B6 which helps reduce fatigue. 

Energix Gel

When to take? During sporting activity every 45mins, this is a gradual energy gel for endurance sports.

What is it? 3 sources of carborhydrates (maltodextrinm glucose, fructose) & Rich in vitamins B6 and C which contributes to reduce fatigue.

Cafein' Gel

When to take? Cafein'Gel is used during physical exertion, at any time to reconstitute maximum energy as fast as possible (difficulty, climbing a col,..) and give you again maximum efficiency. Cafein'Gel is also very adapted for activities which require vigilance and concentration (night competitions,...).

What is it? 100% natural caffeine, 75 mg of caffeine / tube.


When to take? This increases your endurance for intensive training sessions, take 4 to 6 capsules per day for a month. Can be renewed several times during the year.

What is it? Exceptional antioxidant source and contributes to weight stabilisation whilst preserving your muscles. Spirulina contains 55 to 70% proteins which contribute to weight stabilisation and preserve muscle texture.

OVERSTIM.s Spirulina is an exceptional source of antioxidants (beta-carotene, vitamin E, zinc), of iron and other minerals as well as a number of vitamins: B1, B2, B6, B12 and trace elements. T

his nutrient cocktail gives OVERSTIM.s Spirulina energizing, toning and vitalizing properties thus increasing endurance during intensive training.


When to take? 

  • Use before race - 3 tablets at each of your main meals for a period of 15 to 20 days before a race.
  • For faster recovery during race -  3 tablets in every 3 hours if needed.
  • Recovery - 3 capsules after your physical exercise.

What is it? 

Overstim.s BCAA (Branched Chain Amino-Acids) is very important for all athletes as it allows better recovery and muscle balance between heavy training and endurance races.  Amino acids cannot be produced by human body and must be consumed directly from foods. 

Main source of the Overstim.s BCAA is natural cow milk from local farms in France.  A tablet of Overstim.s BCAA equivalent to one gram of BCAA.  It’s reliable for all sports persons.


We will provide more guidance to running nutrition as we stock more products, if you have a question on an item we do not stock feel free to ask +825 5295 9505 -