Raidlight Performer Top - Review, 2019

Location: Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Distance: 16km

Elevation: 670m

Weather: Sunny; 31°c & 96% humidity

Raidlight have been around a long time. Born in France and cut their teeth on the wave of trail running which occured in the late 90's, so they know what they are doing! Past tops have progressed to this, the Performer Top 2019 edition. It is lightweight, deals with moisture well and has pockets on the back to store gels and bars on the go. 

We have tested the top for several weeks, logging 60+km over varying distances, terrain and weather. This test was a steady 3 hour 16km hike along the rolling Yeun Tsuen Ancient Trail. 

The first thing you notice about the t-shirt is the quality, it is very comfortable and the seams are smooth. The design is different compared to your usual trail top which tend to be one colour affairs so it is refreshing to see something different from Raidlight.

As tests wore on we expected the top to lose some of its comfort or stretch but the Performer stayed as good as when it first arrived. It is now one of our preferred trail running tops for longer runs which do not need a backpack but want to bring some gels as the handy pockets are a great touch! 

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