Raidlight Responsiv 6L - Review, 2019

Location: Castle Peak, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

Distance: 8km

Elevation: 500m

Weather: Sunny; 32°c & 80%+ humidity

Having had Ultimate Direction for years then trying to find a hydration vest which can be as good as, if not better then, an Ultimate Direction vest is a challenge in itself! After testing the Raidlight Responsiv 6L we found a serious contender for the medium to long distance hydration vest range.

We tested the Raidlight Responsiv 6L at Castle Peak, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong on the northern approach from Lueng King Estate, Tuen Mun. The climb is technical and exposed with little respite from the heat, great for testing a hydration vest!

The vest comes with 2x600ml EasyFlask bottles which sit in the front of the vest with removable drinking straws. There is an innovative Freelock system on the sides which allows you to tighten or loosen the vest on the move without fiddling with the straps. There is one main pocket on the back, which is compatible with a 5L water reservoir (sold separately), but we found the 2x600ml bottles to be enough for us on the 2hr hike. The vest has 9 pockets in total with a handy zip pocket on the front.

We were impressed with the materials quality, which dealt with moisture well, and stretched to assist with movement. We removed the bottle straws as a personal preference but found them very useful for hiking. Research has shown that sipping water from a high position is better for re-hydration on the go (apparently, according to Born to Run, McDougall, 2009…)

The vest sits high on the back which distributes weight evenly and is incredibly comfortable! The Raidlight Responsiv has smooth edges with laser cut seams and is very durable with minimal bounce which we are particularly impressed with!

If you are looking for new lightweight and comfortable trail running or hiking hydration vest, then you should be looking seriously at the Raidlight Responsiv.

Available NOW Raidlight Responsiv 6L