Ahera - Athletic Facemasks

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Designed for everyday and gym!

The Athletic Facemask was designed to resist to your most insane workouts, trainings and daily life. The PM2.5 replaceable filet sheet will protect you from pollution, pollen, and help to prevent the spread of viruses or germs. 

The Athletics Facemask is made out of breathable fabric so you will be able to push your limits during each sessions. The moisture-wicking material prevents germs due to intense sweating. The Ahera's Athletic Facemask is washable and reusable for your everyday masked practices. 

Plus, you can adjust the size of the masks behind the ear in order to fit all sizes.

One last feature, they’re delivered in a zip lock pocket in order to store you masks and keep them clean when you do not need to wear them. Plus, they are delivered as a pack of 2 so you have one for your daily life and one for the workouts.  

Pack includes:

We know you will need a mask for your workouts and one for your daily life, so each pack contains 2 facemask and 4 changeable PM2.5 filters!

The masks come in a reusable zipped bag, so you will be able to store you masks properly when you do not use them. 


The Athletic Facemask has not been tested or certified as personal protection equipment. This Facemask will not provide medical protection to you or others from spreading viruses.