Flexi-Bar™ Active Swinging – Reactive Core Training

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Active Swinging – Reactive Core Training

FLEXI-BAR™ finally makes it possible to target and strengthen deep muscle tissue in a simple manner.

The vibrations created by the swinging motion of the FLEXI-BAR™ elicit a unique physical response deep inside the body: a reflexive contraction of the core muscles, something which cannot be done consciously.


AGR seal of approval

In recognition of the production of back-friendly products the FLEXI-SPORTS® GmbH has been awarded the AGR seal of approval for the FLEXI-BAR and the FLEXI-BAR KIDS.

The Flexi-Bar Range

FLEXI-BAR Standard (RED)

Flexi Bar Power:

  • The FLEXI BAR that does it all.

  • 96% of our customers choose this option

  • Equally suitable for beginners or advanced, young or old

  • Ideal for both fitness and physical rehabilitation.

  • Compared to INTENSIVE or ATHLETIC Flexi-Bar™ tools, the Standard is distinguished by the harmonic nature of its vibrations.

  • Standard is the tool of choice for targeting the deep musculature of the back, pelvic floor and core muscles.

FLEXI-BAR Intensive (BLUE)

  • Burns fat more rapidly than the STANDARD

  • For individuals who are overweight or of strong stature, we recommend the FLEXI-BAR™ Intensive.


  • Your workout will target and improve endurance or resistance levels

  • Stimulate your deep muscle tissue

  • Provide you with a real challenge

  • FLEXI-BAR™ Athletic is ideal for strength training and for competitive athletes.


  • Improves coordination

  • Gives a sense of balance and good posture

  • Simultaneously gently strengthening the muscles

  • FLEXI-BAR™ Kids is also ideal for seniors – against length and relative strength of the FLEXI-BAR™ STANDARD’s vibrations

    Decide for yourself which version of the FLEXI-BAR™ is best for you!

    FLEXI-BAR™ Training Benefits

    •  Improves transverse abdominal muscle, which is responsible for a shapely waist.
    • An ideal method of targeting the pelvic floor muscles, which improves posture and counteracts incontinence. Also great for getting those muscles back into shape after a pregnancy.

    • With its unique three-dimensional movements, FLEXI-BAR™ is an ideal way to activate the overall network of connective tissue. This creates a tightening and strengthening effect in all layers of the body.

    • Increases overall metabolism, which in turn boosts fat burning and augments the basal metabolic rate.

    • Evens out muscular imbalances, which can alleviate many forms of arthritis and back pain.

    • Improved ability to concentrate.