Leki Micro Trail Race

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Leki Micro Trail Race*

Designed for competitive runners, the Micro Trail Race is the ultimate fix-length folding pole

Weight: 175g (at unit length 120cm)
Construction: Folding poles, fixed length
Grip: Trigger Shark 2.0
Strap: Trigger Shark (Frame Strap Mesh)

*Poles come as pair


Superior comfort, maximum power transfer, easy handling.




Breathable Trigger Shark Strap made of mesh.
Optimized fit.
Wide shape.
One Piece - 360° inner hand.




Light, allignment-free tip.
Concave spike form provides foothold in each angle.
Optimum swing action.





The ultra-light pole, at just 175 g, sits securely in your hand thanks to the new, wide Shark Frame Strap Mesh, natural cork grip, and Trigger Shark 2.0 System. The pole can be folded to a packing size of 37 cm in the blink of an eye with the Push Button.

Series Unisex
Construction Folding poles
Fixed length
Grip Trigger Shark 2.0 (2-Component)
Strap Trigger Shark (Frame Strap Mesh)
Segments 4-pieces
Tube diameter 16|14|14|14 mm
Shaft material 100% Carbon (HM)
Top 100% Carbon (HM)
Lower part 100% Carbon (HM)
Tip Trail Running Tip
Length / Size 110 -135 cm in 5 cm Schritten
Weight 175 g / Unit at a length of 120 cm
Pack size 37 cm at a length of 120 cm