Salomon Pulse Handheld Bottle 500ml

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Hydrating should never be hard. That’s why the PULSE HANDHELD is designed to make taking a sip while running easy. Surrounded by lightweight mesh, it molds to your hand and carries a 500ml flask. Stretchy elastic straps keep it secure, even when your grip is relaxed. Grab it and go!

Urban training

Well suited to city runs, a secure zipped pocket keeps your phone, keys, and credit card safe.

Comfort in motion

The mesh elastic construction combined with the soft adjustable strap provides a comfortable and snug fit. For right, left, large and small hands.

 Quick access to hydration

The 500ml soft flask rests in your hand and collapses as you drink so there’s no sloshing around while you run.


  • Soft 500ml flask included
  • Volume scale 0L > 5L
  • Weight including accessories 110g
  • Dimensions (L x W x D in cm)  26 x 9 x 9