Smallest Backup Phone in the World

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Race mandatory gear often requires you take a phone, but your smart phone weighs and costs a lot so why not take the Worlds Smallest Backup Phone!  

This phone is very, very small!

Stores 500 contacts and 100 SMS messages and has dual SIM card capability. 


Supports Bluetooth and has slot for Extended Memory to 32GB (not included sim card and memory card). 


Supports Mp3 Mp4 music player, has 350mAh battery, can last up to 10 days! plus includes spare battery!  

Multiple languages supported - Chinese, English, French, Arabic, Spanish,  Italian, Russian, German, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Hindi etc

Please note:

1) It is advised to test before using on race day!  

2) If phone not powering on, please charge 1-2 hours with provided android phone adapter.

3) Before working/charge, be sure to turn power on with button on right side.

4) If still not working, please contact us!