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Feeling comfortable, attractive and satisfied in your own skin is what we all want. You can feel good again with portable Sport2People Booty Shape bands, the cutest resistance bands on the market. 

No more endless excuses for not getting to the gym, from working late, traveling too much or not wanting to pay for gym membership. 

Sport2People Booty Shape bands are your next personal portable gym which will help you get faster and more effective results in the comfort of your home. 


✅ GET IN SHAPE IN JUST 15 MINUTES: All you need is 15 minutes 3-4 days per week. By incorporating our resistance bands your muscles will work harder as they will be moving against resistance. Your muscles will be given an effective workout in just a few minutes a day. 

✅ COLOR CODED BANDS: Each band is color coded and 10-12 inches length wise. Bands offer various strengths and resistance levels (see size chart below). For the adventurous you can double up on the bands. 

✅ PORTABLE AND DURABLE: Our bands come in a cute little pouch to carry them around. Use them at home, on a work trip or when visiting your family! Our bands are 42% stronger than others. 

✅  360° TARGETING ALL AREAS OF GLUTES: The best way to target your glutes from all angles. Designed to target all 3 glute muscles. 

✅ PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of 100% genuine eco-friendly latex and free from a non-natural thermoplastic elastomer. Laboratory tested.Durable bands made of super-strong thin rubber. 


WORKOUT ANYWHERE, ANYTIME:  Our bands are so lightweight and small you can keep up with your workout routine without even using a public gym. 

SEE RESULTS IN NO TIME: If you want results for glutes, legs and arms these are the bands. You'll be loving the results! All you need is 15 min no matter where you are. 

TONE & LIFT: Perfect for warm up or to increase intensity on various exercises, such as lateral squats, jumping squats, squats, fire hydrant, frog bridge, booty kicks, hip thrust, push-ups with bands, lateral raise, bent raise, shoulder shaper. You can do 100' of exercises.  

Here's everything you need to know about Booty Shape Bands (from maintenance to using) >>


✅ 4 or 5 High-quality resistance bands (choose the set by color)

✅ 1 Cute little pouch

Size chart of resistance bands


Resistance bands give your body an effective workout at home, at the gym, even on the go. They provide adequate resistance to train your muscles and take up minimal floor space. Smart buy for women who work out at home or on travel! 

Activate and tone the muscles, building strength along the way. Lose weight, burn more calories than you normally would, help increase metabolism and build lean muscle. 

Source:Characteristics of Women with Body Size Satisfaction at Midlife: Results of the Gender and Body Image (GABI) Study published in the Journal of Women and Aging, 2013