ZAP- SUP Legend 11

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The ZAP LEGEND 11 inflatable stand up paddle board is made of an extremely durable PVC dropstitch construction for maximum durability. Thanks to its sturdy workmanship, the board achieves the perfect balance of high rigidity, safe buoyancy and first-class handling. Designed for universal needs - whether it's just gliding on the shallow water or filigree surfing in a moderate wave. A must for anyone who wants to ride a great all-round board with a sensational price-performance ratio.

 Product advantages:

• Equipped with the latest SUP board technology, the board is extremely manoeuvrable, fast, stable and keeps you on course - all with an ultra-light weight board
• Non-slip thanks to heat embossed EVA deck - allows secure footing and foot comfort
•The inflatable ZAP SUP can be used for touring, surfing, whitewater paddling, SUP races, hobby paddles, yoga and pilates
• 150mm thick high-class drop-stitch chamber with several stabilizing threads for maximum stiffness and safe buoyancy.
• Ergonomically adjustable aluminum paddle are included
• To get you started right away, the transport backpack, high-pressure pump with pressure gauge and an ergonomically adjustable aluminum paddle are included.

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Technical specifications:

Dimensions 11'x 32" x 6" (335x82x15 cm) (LxWxH)
Material: X-Cross drop-stitch / single layer 0.7mm 1000D PVC with reinforced PVC stripe
Weight: 8 kg (11 kg with bag and accessories)
Thickness: 6" (15 cm)
Air-filling pressure: 15 psi (1.0 bar)
Capacity: 150 kg
Travel bag size: 85x42x25 cm
Color: White/Blue/Yellow

Pack includes: 

  • ZAP LEGEND 11 SUP Board
  • Aquapack waterproof 10L bag
  • ZAP leash
  • ZAP transport backpack (in black/gray) made of durable polyester with 2 shoulder straps, zipper
  • Ergonomic telescopic aluminum paddle (dismountable into 2 pieces) with T-handle
  • fin
  • High pressure pump with pressure gauge
  • Repair kit